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Assistant Professor

Dr. Simeon Magliveras


Dr. Magliveras specializes in how forces of transitions from local social economic systems to ‘modern’ global systems. He has written on a diverse range of subjects, from the migration of populations from the Eastern Block to the West (specifically from Albania to Greece), Identity Politics of Albanians in Greece, Local textile economies transition to global economies in Laos, as well as, the role Filipinos play and their strategies of survival in the Kingdom Saudi Arabia. He authored several edited books, on food and politics (2014) and global immigration policy (2020).


PhD from Durham University – UK

BA & MA from University of Nebraska-Lincoln – USA




Cultural Heritage


Geographic Areas: Saudi Arabia, Philippines, Greece, Albania, Laos

Recent Research

Kaminski, M. A., Amao, A. O., Garrison, T. F., Fiorini, F., Magliveras, S., Tawabini, B. S., & Waśkowska, A. (2020). An Entzia-dominated marsh-type agglutinated foraminiferal assemblage from a salt marsh in Tubli Bay, Bahrain. Geology, Geophysics and Environment, 46(3).Magliveras, Simeon S. (2020) “Hmong Textiles, Symmetries, Perception and Culture.” Symmetry 12.11): 1829.

Magliveras, Simeon S (2020) “Understanding Policy in Immigration.” Agency and Immigration Policy. ed. Dr. Simeon S. Magliveras, Transnational Press, London pg.1-6.

Magliveras, Simeon S (2020) “Immigration Agents in Bahrain: An Exploration of the Immigration Policy Nexus.” Agency and Immigration Policy”. ed. Dr. Simeon S. Magliveras, pg. 105-117., Transnational Press, London

Magliveras, Simeon S (2019) “Halo-Halo, Nostalgia and Navigating Life for Overseas Filipino Workers (OFW’s) in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia” in Exclusion and Inclusion in International Migration: Power, Resistance and Identity ed. Dr A. Teke-Lloyd. Transnational Press, London

Magliveras, Simeon S (2019) “Filipino Guest Workers, Gender Segregation, and the Changing Social/Labor-Scape in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia” Migration Letters

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