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About the Department of Global Studies


The Department of Global Studies (GSD) represents an important part of the overall education of all students at the university. The department seeks to expand and enrich the educational experience of KFUPM engineering, science, and industrial management majors through the social science curriculum.
The Department of Global Studies offers courses in the social sciences (sociology, political science, history, cultural anthropology, and psychology). The educational goal of the curriculum in Global Studies is for students to gain substantive knowledge in these fields of study, and in the process to develop their thinking, communication, and creative abilities.  It is important for students to understand human behavior and the social, political, cultural, and historical processes that impact individuals and societies.  Such understanding enhances critical thinking, sound judgment, and more effective performance of occupational roles.


Dr. Shafi Aldamer

In August 2021, the Department of Global Studies (GS) joined KFUPM Business School (KBS) in order to bring a global dimension to its programs. Starting with the development of new concentrations (CXs), master programs, and the re-development of all of its courses, the department intends to enrich the overall education of KBS curricula.

The GS is a multidisciplinary department composed of experts from several disciplines, including International Relations, International Law, Public Policy, Economic Policy, Cultural Anthropology, History, Psychology, and Sociology. Our diverse faculty provide a variety of enriching research, courses and programs that enhance the quality of KFUPM graduates.

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