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Department of Accounting & Finance

The Department of Accounting & Finance brings together a team of distinguished researchers with
expertise in diverse areas of Finance, Accounting and Economics. Our faculty consistently publishes
their scientific contributions in prestigious ISI journals and actively participates in highly respected
Accounting, Finance, and Economics conferences. Current research within the department focuses on:
• Financial Accounting & Reporting: The impact of new accounting standards, earnings
management practices, corporate governance and disclosure practices, and the role of accounting
information in decision-making.
• Management Accounting: The use of accounting data for performance measurement, cost
management, budgeting, and decision support systems.
• Auditing & Assurance: Audit quality, auditing standards, fraud detection, and the impact of
technology on auditing.
• Accounting Information Systems: The development and use of accounting information systems,
including data security and privacy.
• Sustainability Accounting: Environmental, social, and governance (ESG) reporting, integrated
reporting, and the impact of sustainability practices on financial performance.
• Corporate Finance: Capital budgeting, dividend policy, mergers and acquisitions, corporate
financial risk management, and valuation techniques.
• Financial Markets & Institutions: Investment analysis, portfolio management, behavioral
finance, financial market efficiency, the role of financial institutions, and financial regulation.
• FinTech: The application of technology in finance, including blockchain, artificial intelligence,
and big data.
• Sustainable Finance: The role of finance in promoting sustainability, green finance, and impact
• Islamic Finance & Economic Growth: Analyze the potential contribution of Islamic finance to
economic growth and development, focusing on mobilizing savings and investments, promoting
financial inclusion, and fostering financial stability, Risk Management.
• Microeconomics: Consumer behavior, production theory, market structure, industrial
organization, and game theory.
• Macroeconomics: Economic growth, inflation, unemployment, monetary policy, fiscal policy,
international trade, and economic development.
• Behavioral Economics: The influence of psychological factors on economic decision-making.
• Econometrics: The development and application of statistical methods to economic data.
• Game theory investigates strategic decision-making in situations where multiple individuals or
entities interact and their choices influence each other’s outcomes.
• Energy economics: examines the interaction between energy markets, policies, and the broader

Department of Global Studies

• Sociology: Examining social structures, relationships, and institutions to understand societal dynamics and issues.
• Cultural Anthropology: Investigating cultural practices, beliefs, and developments across different societies to provide insights into human diversity and social change.
• International Relations: Analyzing global political dynamics, with specialized focus areas such as African Studies and Middle Eastern Strategic Studies, to address issues of global governance, conflict, and cooperation.
• World Civilizations: Exploring historical and contemporary civilizations to understand the development of global cultures and societies.
• Psychology: Conducting comprehensive research in various branches, including Cognitive Neuroscience, Social Psychology, Educational Psychology, and areas related to Evaluation, Measurement, and Research, as well as Counseling.

Department of Information Systems & Operations Management

• Sustainable supply chain management
• AI use and deployment
• Digital technologies and platforms applications and management
• Financial inclusion through technology (fintech)
• Operations and decision sciences
• Learning analytics
• Knowledge management

Department of Marketing & Management

• Global Business Strategy, Cross Cultural/Cross-National Consumer Behavior,
• CSR, Sustainability, Innovation Adoption Management
• Drivers of Entrepreneurship Ecosystem, Scaling, Descaling of Start-up, Firm Performance
• Strategic Alliances, Inter-Organizational Networks,
• Electronic Business, Digitization, Marketing Innovations, Customer Experience Management
• Brand Management, Digital Communications
• Leadership and Organizational Behavior, Knowledge Management, Counter Productive Behaviors

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